Abraham prepares to sacrifice his son.

Abraham’s Sacrifice

God spoke to a man named Abraham, and told him, “If you will leave your country, and go to a new land that I will show you, I will bless you, and make you the founder of a great nation.” So Abraham did as God […]

Lot and his wife flee from the destruction of Sodom.

The Destruction of Sodom

God had heard that the city of Sodom was full of wickedness. God was going to destroy Sodom, but Abraham convinced him to spare the city if there were as few as ten righteous men there. So God sent two of his angels to see […]

The baby Moses in a basket among the bullrushes.

Moses in the Rushes

The children of Israel came into Egypt, and they increased in numbers until they filled the land. The Egyptians made the children of Israel their servants: they made them build cities, and work in the fields, and the Egyptians treated them harshly. But the more […]

Moses kneels before the burning bush.

The Burning Bush

One day Moses led his sheep out into the wilderness, and came to the mountain of God. There Moses saw a bush that was burning with flame, but the bush was not hurt by the fire. Moses went to look at this sight, to see […]

A plague of locusts.

The Plagues of Egypt

When Moses got back to Egypt, he and his brother Aaron went to the Pharaoh, and told him, “Yahweh, the god of Israel, says, ‘Let my people go, so that they can hold a feast to me in the wilderness.’” But the Pharaoh said, “Who […]

Pharoah's horse drowns in the Red Sea.

Crossing the Sea

When the Pharaoh let the children of Israel go, God led them out of Egypt through the wilderness along the Sea of Reeds. God said to Moses, “You must camp by the sea, so that the Pharaoh will think you are trapped. I will harden […]