The Hebrew Bible

The Creation   Gen. 1
The Garden   Gen. 2-3
Cain and Abel   Gen. 4
The Flood   Gen. 6-8
The City and the Tower   Gen. 11
The Judgment of the Gods   Ps. 82
Abraham’s Sacrifice   Gen. 22
The Destruction of Sodom   Gen. 19
Moses in the Rushes   Exod. 1-2
The Burning Bush   Exod. 3-4
The Plagues of Egypt   Exod. 5-12
Crossing the Sea   Exod. 13-15


The Golden Calf   Exod. 19-32
The Ten Commandments   Exod. 34
The Wood Gatherer   Num. 15
Phinehas the Priest   Num. 25
The Hand of a Woman   Judg. 4
The Dismembered Concubine   Judg. 19
David and Goliath   1 Sam. 17
David Wins a Wife   1 Sam. 18
David and Bathsheba   2 Sam. 11
Elisha and the Bears   2 Kings 2
A Psalm in Babylon   Ps. 137
Jonah and the Great Fish   Jon. 1-3

The New Testament

The Announcement   Luke 1
John the Baptist   Matt. 3
The Catch of Fish   Luke 5
The Demons and the Swine   Mark 5
The Beheading of John the Baptist   Mark 6
A Warning of the End   Mark 13
The Last Supper   Mark 14
The Betrayal   Mark 14
The Crucifixion   Mark 15
The Empty Tomb   Mark 16
The Doubts of Thomas   John 20
The Last Days   Acts 2

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